Out-of-Equilibrium Systems

Chaired by Wilhelm Huck and Sijbren Otto

Based on the needs and the outcome of the first three programs, the fourth program “Out-of-equilibrium approaches” will apply the concepts of kinetically controlled self-assembly and far-from-equilibrium self-assembly and combine it with the non-homogeneous distribution of components. The objective is to uncover the underlying fundamental rules, which may be used to design complex (bio)chemical systems, to find out how these systems function in, and respond to different chemical and physical environments. It will provide the design rules to be applied in the construction of increasingly complex synthetic systems in a modular fashion. This research question are addressed in the following three sub programs:

4a. Out-of-Equilibrium self-assembly pathways in one-dimensional nanomaterials
4b. Darwinian evolution of self-replicating molecules
4c. Reaction diffusion (RD) networks