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 (Gi)SAXS/WAXS Ganesha X-ray instrument equipped with a GeniX-Cu ultra low divergence source (= 1.54 Å, flux of 1×108 ph/s), a Pilatus 300K silicon pixel detector (487 x 619 pixels of 172 μm2); Linkam temperature controller (-80 – 250 °C), Julabo temperature controller (-5 – 80 °C), q-range 0.003-2.5Å-1


Dr. Ilja Voets


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Nikon N-STORM Agilent laser box (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 647nm), Epi and TIRF illumination modes, ixon3 ANDOR camera, Nikon module for STORM imaging and analysis.


Dr. Lorenzo Albertazzi

Daan van der Zwaag


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