FMS Research Center

FMS Topical Seminars

During the FMS topical seminars experts on exciting topics relevant to the FMS Research Center are invited to get together in an informal setting to present new developments in current research and discuss future perspectives.
Our aim is that these seminars bring new insights to the different lines of research of the FMS Research Center, which lead to further interactions between the research groups, both inside The Netherlands and abroad. Furthermore, we expect that these events contribute to the education of PhD students and postdocs and give them the opportunity to network and interact with colleagues from other groups and with experts in the field.
The FMS topical seminars will take place every 2-3 months and will be held alternatively in Nijmegen, Eindhoven, or Groningen and in close collaboration with the FMS research institutes.

FMS faculty interested in organizing a Topical Seminar can fill in this form and send it to


FMS topical seminars to date:

October 29, 2014 (RU, Nijmegen): Virus particles as components of (meta)materials and catalytic systems
April 7, 2015 (ICMS, TU Eindhoven): Supramolecular hydrogels
September 17, 2015 (University of Groningen): Catalytic chemistry in living cells