FMS Research Center

FMS Annual Meeting


The FMS Annual Meeting brings together faculty, PhD students, and postdocs working in the participating groups of the FMS Research Center to share the latest developments and breakthroughs of their research. The aim of this event is to stimulate discussion and interaction between members of the FMS groups, with the intention to further strengthen the collaborations and joined efforts leading to outstanding research.


Full list of Annual Meetings

FMS Annual Meeting 2014 • Veldhoven (16 November 2014)

FMS Annual Meeting 2015 • Veldhoven (29 November 2015)

FMS Annual Meeting 2016 • Veldhoven (5 December 2016)

FMS Annual Meeting 2017 • NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam (13 October 2017)

FMS Annual Meeting 2018 • Zwolle (19 November 2018)

FMS Annual Meeting 2019 • Zwolle (29 November 2019)