Sijbren Otto receives RSC Award for Supramolecular Chemistry

Prof. Sijbren Otto (RUG) was awarded the 2018 RSC Award for pioneering supramolecular systems chemistry. The award, which will be presented later this year, includes a medal, £ 2000 and a lecture tour in the UK. More information about the award and a reaction of prof. Sijbren Otto can be found here.

Royal Honour for prof. Wilhelm Huck

Prof. Wilhelm Huck (RU) received a Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion for his outstanding scientific contributions in the field of Physical Organic Chemistry. More details can be found on the IMM website.

Bert Meijer awarded ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Bert Meijer (TU/e) has received an ERC Advanced Grant of 2.5 M€ to work on the Synthesis of Functional Multi-Component Supramolecular Systems and Materials. A list of awardees in the area Physical and Engineering Sciences (PE) can be found here.

Breast Cancer Medicine up to thousand times cheaper

A publication on multi-gram-scale stereoselective synthesis of Z-endoxifen by dr. Lech Milroy (TU/e) and coworkers reports on the  possibility to produce a high potential drug to treat metastatic breast cancer much cheaper. The findings are discussed in de Volkskrant (in Dutch) and more information can be found on the TU/e website. The full article can be […]

Bert Meijer wins 2018 Chirality Medal

Prof. Bert Meijer (TU/e) is awarded the 2018 Chirality Medal in Princeton for his seminal contributions to the design and study of chiral supramolecular systems and materials. The Award Lecture will be presented at the Chirality 2018, the 30th International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD-30), June 10, 2018 in Princeton, NJ USA. More information can be found […]

Humboldt Research Award for Bert Meijer

Prof. Bert Meijer (TU/e) received the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Forschungspreis during the 46th Symposium for Research Award Winners of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bamberg on March 24, 2018.  

Interview Nemo Kennislink with Peter Korevaar

Dr. Peter Korevaar (RU) was interviewed by NEMO Kennislink on his vision on how to create synthetic materials with multiple functions, able to communicate with their environment. The interview can be read here (in Dutch).    

Daniela Wilson granted the Westerdijk Talent Scheme

Prof. Daniela Wilson (RU) received the Westerdijk Telent Scheme. The goal of the Westerdijk Talent Scheme programme is to increase the number of female professors and therefore create better diversity at the top of Dutch academia. As an extra boost to ensure that all scientific talent in the Netherlands will be utilized, the Dutch government funds […]

Ben Feringa awarded the First European Chemistry Gold Medal

The very first European Chemistry Gold Medal has been awarded to Prof. Ben Feringa (RUG) for exceptional achievements in the field of chemistry in Europe. The Gold Medal will be presented during the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Liverpool 26-30 August 2018, where he will also give a plenary lecture. More information can be found here.