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Late Night Conferences with Wilhelm Huck 2022 series

Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck’s first episode of season 2 kicks off Thursday, January 6th, 2022 at 20h00 on our YouTube channel Late Night Conference with WH and LIVE at Elinor Ostromgebouw in Radboud University*!!

In our first episode, Hans Clevers, Professor of Molecular Genetics at Utrecht University, will be sharing his journey on harnessing stem cells to make artificial organoids. Are you going to miss it?

Hans Clevers’ research origins began in studying the stem cells of the intestines. These cells are especially relevant for the development of diseases, such as cancer. Clevers’ and his team identified the intestinal stem cells involved in the renewal of the outermost layer of the organ, called the epithelium, and with this, managed to grow these cells into artificial mini-intestines, so-called organoids. These organoids are useful research tools for studying a variety of phenomena – from basic developmental and cell biology to toxicology, as well as hereditary diseases, and cancer.

Free tickets or watch the episode via the YouTube channel