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Time for a change in supramolecular chemistry.

In today’s Science Magazine Perspectives, our colleagues advocate for a ‘paradigm shift’ in the making of complex structures similar to those found in nature. From the self-assembly of small molecules and polymers via single steps (left), to multistep strategies (right). Read more about the ‘exciting early stages’ of this field, the unmet challenges and the […]

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Congratulations to our colleagues from Groningen for their great work published in Nature Nanotechnology!

After the nano-mill and the nano-car, welcome to the newborn: the moto-MOF! In this publication, Wojchiech Danowski and co-workers demonstrate molecular motors organized in crystalline metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). Light-driven unidirectional rotation of the motor units is retained in the MOF framework and the motors can operate in the solid state with similar rotary speed (rate […]

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