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Wilhelm Huck and coworkers publish in Nature Nanotechnology

Prof. Wilhelm Huck and dr. Evan Spruijt (RU) and coworkers publish on dissipative adaptation in driven self-assembly in Nature Nanotechnology. They show that open compartments are used to modulate the rates of dissipative self-assembly by restricting the absorption of energy from the environment. This might eventually provide a general route to dissipatively adapting nanosystems exhibiting […]

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Gerard Roelfes and coworkers publish in Nature Chemistry

Prof. Gerard Roelfes (RUG) and coworkers publish an article in Nature Chemistry on the creation of designer enzyme for hydrazone and oxime formation featuring an unnatural catalytic aniline residue. The incorporation of an unnatural amino acid that feature unique reactive side chains significantly expand the catalytic repertoire of designer enzymes. This facilitates an ideal starting […]

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