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Bert Meijer awarded ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Bert Meijer (TU/e) has received an ERC Advanced Grant of 2.5 M€ to work on the Synthesis of Functional Multi-Component Supramolecular Systems and Materials. A list of awardees in the area Physical and Engineering Sciences (PE) can be found here. […]

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Breast Cancer Medicine up to thousand times cheaper

A publication on multi-gram-scale stereoselective synthesis of Z-endoxifen by dr. Lech Milroy (TU/e) and coworkers reports on the  possibility to produce a high potential drug to treat metastatic breast cancer much cheaper. The findings are discussed in de Volkskrant (in Dutch) and more information can be found on the TU/e website. The full article can be […]

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Bert Meijer wins 2018 Chirality Medal

Prof. Bert Meijer (TU/e) is awarded the 2018 Chirality Medal in Princeton for his seminal contributions to the design and study of chiral supramolecular systems and materials. The Award Lecture will be presented at the Chirality 2018, the 30th International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD-30), June 10, 2018 in Princeton, NJ USA. More information can be found […]

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