FMS Research Center

FMS members granted prestigious NWO Vidi grants

FMS members dr. Patricia Dankers (TU/e) and dr. Tom de Greef (TU/e) were awarded with the NWO Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros.

Tom de Greef wants to use DNA in order to measure the interaction between cells and proteins. In his Vidi project, he wants to develop a ‘nano-slide gauge’ based on DNA, which is proposed to accurately measure these interactions. These insights are envisioned to be important in the develpment of new medicines.

Patricia Dankers intends to use her Vidi for biomedical research. She proposes to endow plastic implants with biological properties, in order to integrate into the body. It is expected that medical implants equipped with these bioactive signals will be able to perform under mechanical loads and guide the regeneration process within the tissue.

More information can be found at the ICMS (TU/e) news items.