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Paul Kouwer and coworkers publish in Nature Communications

FMS member Dr. Paul Kouwer and coworkers at the Radboud University in Nijmegen recently published their work in Nature Communications, entitled: ‘Nonlinear mechanics of hybrid polymer networks hat mimic the complex mechanical environment of cells‘. Publication details: Maarten Jaspers, Sarah L. Vaessen, Pim van Schayik, Dion Voerman, Alan E. Rowan and Paul H.J. Kouwer, Nonlinear mechanics […]

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FMS members granted prestigious NWO Vidi grants

FMS members dr. Patricia Dankers (TU/e) and dr. Tom de Greef (TU/e) were awarded with the NWO Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros. Tom de Greef wants to use DNA in order to measure the interaction between cells and proteins. In his Vidi project, he wants to develop a ‘nano-slide gauge’ based on DNA, which is proposed to accurately measure […]

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