FMS Research Center

ERC Advanced Grant to professors Roeland Nolte (RU) and Sijbren Otto (RUG)

FMS professors Roeland Nolte (RU) and Sijbren Otto (RUG) have been awarded each with a ERC Advanced Grant. Each of them will receive 2.5 million euros to conduct research the next five years. For Roeland Nolte this is the second ERC Advanced Grant and, remarkably, both were awarded after his retirement.

Prof. Nolte’s new research plan for the coming years is to store data on a single polymer chain. Read the Radboud University news item for more information. On the other hand, Prof. Sijbren Otto will dedicate his grant to set important steps in turning chemistry into biology by building fully synthetic chemical systems that contain and integrate some of the essential elements of life. More information of Prof. Otto’s aims can be found here (source: Stratingh Institute for Chemistry).