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Bert Meijer awarded prestigious Nagoya Gold Medal

Japan’s highest award for chemistry scientists, the Nagoya Gold Medal of Organic Chemistry, will this year be presented to Bert Meijer, TU/e professor of Organic Chemistry. Meijer thus joins an illustrious group of 22 predecessors, including several winners of Nobel Prizes, Franklin Medals and Wolf Prizes. The award will be presented on 22 December this year in Nagoya.

Meijer will receive his award at the Noyori Conference of Nagoya University where he will also give a presentation of his research whose focus on his underlying philosophy will spur on young chemists and students.

Apart from the Japan award, Bert Meijer will also receive an award in Belgium when he is awarded an honorary doctorate on 31 March from the University of Mons for his work on supramolecular materials and systems.

Meijer’s research focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization and potential applications of new supramolecular systems, with special properties and functions. His work is founded on the principles of synthetic and organic chemistry to find solutions to the problems in materials science and life sciences. This work investigates the self-assembly and self-organization of molecular architectures in the direction of functional supramolecular systems.

Source: TU/e news