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The Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC) is a national advanced research center for excellent research in major, complex societal challenges related to chemistry and energy, associated with the growing demand for the finite supply of raw materials and the ever-increasing demand for new functionalities to enhance prosperity around the globe.



The ARC CBBC wants to reach as much as possible experts in The Netherlands and has initiated  the CBBC membership: researchers from Dutch universities and knowledge institutes can apply until 1 September 2016. The aim is to select the best researchers from scientific and R&D communities in the Netherlands. CBBC Members are invited to form teams, propose project plans and gain excess for further in-depth discussions with fellow Members and the companies involved. Participation in CBBC projects is only possible with a CBBC Membership.

As point of reference for the motivation on how to contribute to the main research themes of ARC CBBC, applicants are encouraged to use the figure below for guidance.

Outline scope of ARC CBBC



Check here for all information on how to apply.