FMS Research Center

A collaboration of prof. Bert Meijer and prof. Samuel Stupp in Nature Communications

Researchers of the laboratories of FMS prof. Bert Meijer (ICMS, TU/e) and prof. Samuel Stupp (Northwestern University, USA) have published their research in Nature Communications in an article entitled: Super-resolution microscopy reveals structural diversity in molecular exchange among peptide amphiphile nanofibres. Publication abstract: The dynamic behaviour of supramolecular systems is an important dimension of their potential […]

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Dowine de Bruijn, an FMS blogger at Faces of Science

Dowine de Bruijn, PhD student in the Roelfes group (RUG), has initiated her adventure in Faces of Science. Dowine was selected to be part of Faces of Science last January and last Monday she was officially introduced on the Faces of Science website. From now on she will be blogging about her research and experiences inside and outside […]

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Vidi grant for Dr. Daniela Wilson (IMM, Radboud University)

We congratulate Dr. Daniela Wilson by being awarded with a Vidi grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). This grant, part of the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme, allows researchers who have gained several years of research experience after their PhD to develop their own innovative lines of research, and to appoint one or more […]

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