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FMS PhD student Dowine de Bruijn (Roelfes group, RUG) new blogger on Faces of Science

PhD student Dowine de Bruijn (Roelfes Group, RUG) has been selected by the KNAW to be part of the new generation of Faces of Science that will start blogging in 2016 about their life in research.

Faces of Science is a project of the KNAWDe Jonge Akademie and Kennislink in collaboration with Fastfacts. The project is funded by the Lira Auteursfonds Reprorecht. The goal of this project is to put young scientists working in different disciplines on the spotlight, and show how is their life as researchers. This is done online with the help of movies, blogs and other information about their research. These experiences are meant to inspire and guide students that are in the process of choosing their future studies.

Dowine will introduce herself on the site of Faces of Science in May 2016 and will start start blogging from then on.

Check the Kennislink and KNAW press releases for more information on the 12 new bloggers selected for Faces of Science (in Dutch).

Check here for more information about the Faces of Science project (in Dutch).