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Anna Hirsch (RUG) to receive the “Prix d’encouragement á la recherche en chimie thérapeutique”

To promote excellence, but also to support young researchers at the dawn of their careers, the French Medicinal Chemistry Society (“Société de Chimie Thérapeutique”, S.C.T.) provides each year a prestigious prize entitled “Prix d’Encouragement à la Recherche en Chimie Thérapeutique”.
This prize is sponsored by “Institut de Recherche Servier”, and is devoted to junior European scientists. It rewards an outstanding young researcher, no older than 36, for his research contributions in “Drug Discovery Chemistry” (chemical biology, chemoinformatics, structure-activity relationship studies, ADMET, imaging, physical chemistry, biolabeling and diagnostic tools, drug vectorization, nanotechnologies, natural products, structural biology, synthetic methodology, etc…).
This prize may be attributed to one or several young scientists.
This year, the prize was awarded to Anna Hirsch and Dr M. Montés and it consists of a 3,000 euros grant (which will be divided between the two laureates) and consists of an invitation to give a lecture during the upcoming “23rd Young Research Fellows Meeting” to be held in Lille (15-17 February 2016).

(Source: Stratingh Institute for Chemistry)