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Awarded a TA grant to Prof. Bert Meijer and Dr. Ilja Voets (ICMS, TU/e) in a collaborative project with industry

A Fund New Chemical Innovations-Technology Area (TA) grant was awarded last March 31st to Dr. ir. I.K. (Ilja) Voets (TU/e), prof. dr. ir. R. (Remco) Tuinier (UU), prof. dr. E.W. (Bert) Meijer (TU/e), and the companies SyMo-Chem B.V., and DSM Coating Resins B.V. The Technology Area is intended for public-private co-operation of at least two companies and at least two knowledge institutes. TAs are funded for 1/3 by the industry and for 2/3 by NWO. This collaborative project, awarded among 4 others, will look into ‘Making polymers with molecular lego for high-quality “green” paint’.

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