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Nature Chemistry for Wilhem Huck, Tom de Greef and co-workers

The research on ‘Oscillating enzymatic systems’ of Prof. Wilhelm Huck (IMM, Radboud University) and co-workers in collaboration with Tom de Greef (ICMS, TU/e) was published yesterday online in Nature Chemistry.

Publication: Sergey N. Semenov, Albert S. Y. Wong, R. Martijn van der Made, Sjoerd G. J. Postma, Joost Groen, Hendrik W. H. van Roekel, Tom F. A. de Greef & Wilhelm T. S. Huck, Rational design of functional and tunable oscillating enzymatic networks, Nature Chemistry (2015) doi:10.1038/nchem.2142


Life is sustained by a big network of reactions coupled to each other. From this network arise a behavior that we can not predict when we look only at the individual reactions. An example of such a behavior are oscillating reactions, which are present in many ways in biological systems. In non-living systems we encounter very few complex molecular networks. In the past chemists had discovered this kind of systems (BZ reaction, chemical clock), but we don’t have yet a method to design them. With other words, we need a new chemical language with which we can design and build complex networks. The onset of this language is presented in this paper. Because with our method we know all individual reactions very well, this allows us to predict and control the complete behavior of such a network.


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