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Registration open for SysChem 2015

SysChem2015 is an international meeting on Systems Chemistry, covering topics ranging from the origin of life / de novo life (synthetic cells) to oscillating reactions and (far-from-equilibrium) supramolecular chemistry. This year’s meeting is co-organized between the EU COST Action CM1304 uniting 80 European research groups active in the field of Systems Chemistry and the Dutch Research Center for Functional Molecular Systems.

SysChem2015 will be held from Tue 19 May – Fri 22 May 2015 at a very nice and unique setting: Rolduc, a former Abbey in the south of the Netherlands; a UNESCO monument dating back to 1104. We expect between 100-150 participants from various different disciplines. The schedule will provide ample room for exchange of ideas and informal discussions.

For further information and registration please check the meeting website.