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Nature Chemistry for Wilhem Huck, Tom de Greef and co-workers

The research on ‘Oscillating enzymatic systems’ of Prof. Wilhelm Huck (IMM, Radboud University) and co-workers in collaboration with Tom de Greef (ICMS, TU/e) was published yesterday online in Nature Chemistry. Publication: Sergey N. Semenov, Albert S. Y. Wong, R. Martijn van der Made, Sjoerd G. J. Postma, Joost Groen, Hendrik W. H. van Roekel, Tom F. A. […]

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Registration open for SysChem 2015

SysChem2015 is an international meeting on Systems Chemistry, covering topics ranging from the origin of life / de novo life (synthetic cells) to oscillating reactions and (far-from-equilibrium) supramolecular chemistry. This year’s meeting is co-organized between the EU COST Action CM1304 uniting 80 European research groups active in the field of Systems Chemistry and the Dutch […]

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