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Peter Korevaar and collaborators publish in Nature Communications. Congratulations!

Peter Korevaar (RU) and collaborators published a paper which introduces the idea that hydrogels, previously just thought to shrink and swell in time with the presence or absence of a specific stimulus, can generate fascinating new classes of non-equilibrium responses. Thereby, hydrogels can act as complex chemical signal integrators – a universal feature of living […]

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ERC Starting grant for Evan Spruijt

Evan Spruijt (Radboud University) has been awarded with an European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. The ERC awards these prestigious personal grants of EUR 1.5 million to excellent researchers in order to stimulate groundbreaking research in Europe. More information can be found here. Congratulations Evan! […]

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Interview Nemo Kennislink with Omer Markovitch

Dr. Omer Markovitch (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Dutch Origins Center) was interviewed by NEMO Kennislink on his vision on the chemical origins of life, chemical evolution and complexity in synthetic and biological systems. The interview can be read here (in Dutch) and here (in English). […]

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